My name is Kristen. 23, feminist southern woman living in Washington, DC, so I'm always unhappy about rent, sweet tea, and the patriarchy. Game of Thrones, comics, my pets, and cooking make me happy.

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As a Military Wife, you learn that some things are just inevitable.

Like your husband demanding he get his weekly hair cut even when you’re on leave (Is that just my husband? Yeah? I didn’t think so.) 

Deployments, and the fact they never have a set departure / arrival date. 

ID Checks at the Gates. 

Nasty wives who wear their husbands rank. 

And worst of all…..


No matter how hard you try to avoid it, no matter how many days ahead of time you shop. You will inevitably NEED to go to the Commissary on pay day. You may as well learn to embrace it.

At the very least, accept your fate of hideously long lines, screaming children, and poorly stocked shelves. Just remember to tip your bagger, and that you’re not allowed to discipline other people’s Military Brats, no matter how horrible they are being. 

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