My name is Kristen. 23, feminist southern woman living in Washington, DC, so I'm always unhappy about rent, sweet tea, and the patriarchy. Game of Thrones, comics, my pets, and cooking make me happy.

I photograph things.

I write things.


What is your twitter?

Mine is Sweetupndown9

Lets be friends on the twittersphere. Reply and I’ll follow you!

  1. cashela said: Already following you :) same name
  2. ktothestein answered: I’m so honored that you already follow me on twitter! Truly.
  3. mali32 answered: @mali3232
  4. instamatical answered: NatKatNYC
  5. recycledmovements answered: SLPattz
  6. upinthe-woods answered: angelamorganr!
  7. magusworkshop answered: I’m @Luarien
  8. curiousjessica said: Mine is @curiousjessica
  9. turpiloquens said: followed you and Ryan! mine is @henriquefb6
  10. amusedreams answered: crescentdreams
  11. psilocide answered: @Psilocide
  12. danyterrence answered: memoriesofwhite - I’m new to twitter as well.
  13. awordoraline said: toosweet4rnr (I hardly tweet tho.) :)
  14. otrokidd said: @nam3_less
  15. jerseygirlgonecountry answered: rep0221
  16. theraysquared answered: Mine is Ray_Squared
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