My name is Kristen. 23, feminist southern woman living in Washington, DC, so I'm always unhappy about rent, sweet tea, and the patriarchy. Game of Thrones, comics, my pets, and cooking make me happy.

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So I went ahead and cut all my hair off instead of waiting. 

I have plenty to donate, and I feel about 10lbs lighter. I’m happy I can do this for someone who really needs it. :) 

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  2. eusamie said: You rock the new ‘do!
  3. the-inexorable-wanderer said: I donated hair some time ago. I was terrified, but happy to do it. You look amazing with short hair!
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    Youu look great with short hair! That’s awesome
  5. sideburnsandamustache said: Wonderful! I can’t grow my hair out due to my job but I miss donating so much. I’ve donated twice and wish I could keep doing it for the rest of my life!
  6. thisisjosh42 said: looks good dude
  7. wonderfulworldof-mrsb said: OH MY GOODNESS! I love it!
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